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At United Chambers, we are driven to achieve the best possible outcome. We do this on behalf of every client who has suffered bodily harm or loss of life due to carelessness or negligent conduct. We have a dedicated and compassionate team that are highly motivated. They range from attorneys, paralegals, and assistants. They are highly motivated. Collectively the team has decades of experience and superior litigation skills. Our lawyers can help secure the justice you deserve after any type of personal injury accident. United Chambers represents the best value lawyer in Dandenong.

Together with your explanation, we use our thoughtful approach and extensive knowledge to craft the strongest possible legal strategy. Fundamentally this approach allows us to work the legal system to our clients’ benefit.

To discuss the unique circumstances of your issue and how our highly-skilled attorneys can aid in your case, contact United Chambers online or call as soon as possible.

Our Founder


Roona Nida is the first Afghani to join the Victorian Bar. Before coming to Australia Roona was studying Medicine at the University of Kabul. Before joining the Bar Role she worked as a NAATI Accredited Professional legal Interpreter and Translator in 4 languages. She has had a high level of exposure to a variety of cultural backgrounds and sensitivity. The work helped her develop extensive ability in active listening, negotiation, and problem-solving skills.

Roona has worked as a language Instructor with the Australian Defence Force. In the year 2011, she was a lecturer at RMIT University teaching Professional Interpreting and Translating.

Since the year 2007 Roona has been teaching law subjects on a Part-time basis at VUT Law School. Roona has been actively involved in helping a number of different community services in relation to legal and other issues. For the last 5 years Roona has been practising in the areas of criminal law, family law, crimes family violence, magistrate’s court civil and children’s court in both State and Federal jurisdictions.

Her in-depth experience and legal knowledge make Roona an effective advocate who always achieve the best possible outcome.

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